You can see our custom made special machine for customer's demand how come it was.
We never say "Special strange appearance" make profit, however, we must struggle for or fight against prejudice what say "operator should invest effort to shorten the producting time by his self-effort", "Machine should be develop as current style not like your new one", if your factory can't enlarge your porfit, this is an one of way to realize "Smart Factory".
We trust only the way to engineering your producting site is break out current system and prejudice, re-engineering all the machines and devices with worker, it'll be soon your strong weapon to get win on your market.

We can develop this kind of machines/devices by ourself, on our factory, sometimes no drawing by our own technic.
"Wisdom takes no cost" our strong beleif, We can refine your factory by Japanese mind of quality.
6 needles unison feed auto tuning machine
by invertor system
multistory structure sewing for
Automotive market
Longarm cylinder 2 needle unison feed machine
Originally it was short, cut, enlarge weld, paint.
12 needle double chain unison feed system with automatic crease devices for construction market. (PIC)
Pillow bag sewing system by catarpillar feeding
Extra heavy duty belt seamer with high pressure cramp system / Automatic running
Add one more cooling roller set for hot air seaming machine
Extra heavy thick carpet edge sewing system with catarpillor feeding system
Car device sewing system - Variant plastic plate for Rear room under board with Jumping function (vertically 2 pcs)
Handy cart style edge seamer for Thick artificial lawn
Modify 1 needle to 2 needle and one more hook and the base
Press system for Automatic feeding device
10 needle double feed double chain stitch vertical sew system, depth 2000mm, automatic run and back, sew each way.
Quilting machine for car rear parts
Auto feeding / sew / cut