Just to avoid frayed the edge of textiles, or melt and shut close the textiles contents.
The history of the ultrasonic wave cutting is still around 40 years, but it is used in surprisingly many fields.
I suggest a model for industrial material/textiles, sign advertizing sheet.

The ultrasonic wave gives vibration on the sheet 30000 times per a second and let high temperature/pressure and perform as limitted heat cut.
Therefore there is not an effect when the material is coated just like water resist, and the amplitude is absorbed if it is like a rubber board.
It can melt polyester textiles, a kind of texture that is extremely effective, a nonwoven fabric, and any carbon dust does not appear just like after heat cut.
If it is a nature materials, do not melt but it will better frayed than cut with scissors despite only simple cut.

Cut with non-fray edge by ultrasonic welding device for textiles.
Handy style, fix style, for automatic machines.
Ultrasonic cutting device by hand for business purpose.
It can cut plastic/wooden/hard board by its shapen knife.
Cost effective handy ultrasonic cutting device for hard board.
(1)We can do test cutting for your demands, please send us your materials.