"LHP-W709-OA(open arm)" model, feed the sheet by its upper and lower belt feed, just like sandwitches with low pressure.
It equip 2 of heaters each side, heat the sheet softly, and put pressure, the cooling block cool that hot spot, sheet never make any shrink, the appearance also very good. EVA, PVA, PP, PO, almost all of plastic sheets are avilable.

The cooling block is cool water chiller, the welded part always looks very high quality, better appearance than HF welder or hot air system, and strongness also never weaker than other system.
"LHP-W709-OA" realize efficient production for big sheet house, long weld, sign media which printed by inkjet system.
The teflon belt has long life, originally this system is good at agricaltural PVC green house, high speed, straight welding.

Also "LHP-W709" series cn weld/seam ETFA, make biggest impact for construction market.
200V 3P 4.8kva
Feeding Speed:
2 - 11 m/1min
Heat Plate:
Ordinary - 280 C
air pressure
Water Chiller
Weld Width:
MAX 50mm
Sub feeding system
Anti-HF noise circuit board
Anti bump control switch

Working Property of belt feed heat sealing machine
The 4 of heater slowly but surely melt the sheet, soft pressure, and cool by water cooling block.
Generally shrink by weld is always caused by non-cooling process, this system could solve by water chiller.

Also the teflon sheet avoid any stick PVC or other vinyl, we recommend to use PET tape between the sheet to make appearance better.

Attachment to realize good quality
Never allowed make failure when welding because it is continuously welding machine. It is important to choose guide, attacument to realize your quality.
Big sheet folding
Sheet with kedar welding
3 layer sheet welding
For seamless tape guide
Hem welding with rope
Sheet with reinforce tape guide
Tape attachment for edge
For edge heat seam with heat wedge
We prepare more other guide/attachment for various purpose, please ask us the details for your demand.
OTHER SERIES "LHP-W709" series has some variation for your porpose.
SAMPLES No trach mark even if you weld too much, doesn't matter how many sheets weld, especially the quality of sign printed media is superime.