LHP-W709 has various model for your purpose.
Standard model, compact design, you can use many purpose this and that.
The sheet house, tent warehouse, net and the sign media, originally it is for agricultural Thin PVS sheet so the speed is high also quality is perfect welding.
TK1 model has compact "Z" style arm, you can weld overlap welding.
This style is major for Agricultural merket or overlap weld purpose.
if your factory is not wide, this is better to save the space.
LHP-W709CR-TK01 with conveyor
This is also compact "Z" style arm, equip conveyor system.
Some of products are so heavy and needs a few worker to weld, you can save labour cost.
Sheet house, huge sheet for open freight strage, sign printed media, avilable for many purpose.
LHP-W709 with degital camera, accurate control system.
This system can weld seamless bridge welding for sign mdedia, just for called "inside lighting type sign board".
these cases needs not any shadow on the sign media because lighting up from inside to us.
You can check the welded edge during welding by the camera while continuous welding works.
Most user friendly style for continuous welding by "C" style open arm..
As main purpose to use, kedder(parts), seam the sheets, it is effective to replace from HF welder or other machines,
You can put some attachment in front of the insert side, tape guide, rope guide, seam guide and others.
Combination model (5 machines)
Automatic wide arrange, it has 5 of head, it means you can weld 5 of sheet simultaniously.
Originally I cover the agricultural maket that to produce PVC green house, famous about industry material with the specifications.
t never permit the quality of weld / productivity for thin material of other machines spec.